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What to do in Riga, Latvia for those who like action - 10 places that will take your breath away

The baroque façade of the house of the Blackheads – one of the top 10 things to do in Riga, Latvia

When browsing through suggestions for things to do in Riga, the top results that come up are often the same and quite obvious - the Old Town, the architecture, the museums and the spas. While we’re not arguing that all of those things are great and people should definitely check them out, at the same time it’s fair to say that not everyone will be interested in that. Of course, a lot of people will wholeheartedly enjoy exploring the landmarks and museums of Riga or receiving relaxing body treatments, however, many others prefer entertainment activities that contain much more action and adventure.

As we were looking for other places in Riga that provide these kinds of activities, we realised that we can’t find any “Things to do in Riga” guides that list them in one place. That’s why we decided to create this article, listing the top 10 fun things to do in Riga, which will be the perfect destinations for those who like action and chasing the adrenaline rush! So, take a look at the activities listed below and prepare to seek the thrills in Riga!

Top 10 things to do in Riga, Latvia


People having fun while doing activities at WOLFTRIKE Drift Hall indoor racing track in Riga, Latvia

If you’re looking for exciting indoor activities in Riga, the WOLFTRIKE® Drift Hall should be on top of your list of things to do in Riga. This is the right place where to gain loads of positive energy with your friends and family – either after a stressful working day or enjoying a day off! The WOLFTRIKE® drift trikes offer everyone the possibility to try drifting, without the need for any previous experience or special preparation. All you need is a good mood and the desire to compete and chase the adrenaline rush! It’s also important to mention that this is the first indoor drift trike track in the world, and it opened only a few years ago, so it provides an experience that’s quite unique.

In addition to the drift trikes, the Drift Hall in Riga also offers several other entertainment possibilities and amenities free of charge – for example, you can spend your time there playing Xbox games and various board games, as well as enjoying free Monster energy drinks. And the best part is that you can stay at the chill zone for as long as you like while paying only for the rides taken on the track. Meanwhile, its convenient location will also be perfect for those who have only one day in Riga or who are trying to find what to do to fill time between flights - try drifting and then move on to the next place, as the Old Town of Riga and all of the things to do it offers is just 5 minutes away by car. Meanwhile, the Riga International Airport is only a 15 minute ride by car.

More info: Get in touch

VR Gaming

Man playing a VR game in Riga, Latvia

What to do in Riga if you are a fan of action video games? VR Gaming is a thrilling place where you can enjoy the possibilities of virtual reality, which will let you experience something entirely new. In addition to regular VR systems, this place also offers VR racing simulators, as well as retro games that will bring you back to your childhood and modern consoles which will allow you to challenge your friends in various other games. A great choice if you’re struggling to find what to do in Riga on a rainy day.

More info: vrgaming.lv

Jump Space Riga

Man exercising on a trampoline in an indoor trampoline park in Riga, Latvia

With the total area of 1600 square meters Jump Space is the first indoor trampoline park in Latvia of such size, therefore it’s definitely worth visiting, even among all the other fun things to do in Riga. Jump Space combines fun with safety, as there are court supervisors on the floor at all times, while the trampolines themselves have heavy-duty spring-loaded frames covered by 10 cm safety pads. That ensures safety in all zones of the park, allowing to create an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. In addition to the trampolines, this place also offers three foam pits with different activities; a walking beam for training your balance, a climbing wall and other fun things for you to try.

Trampolining can be enjoyed by people of any age height or physical abilities, but all the guests are encouraged to warm-up properly and wear appropriate clothing and equipment. A warm-up is also held for all guests before entering the park, to provide them with the rules of safe jumping. All in all, this is a great place for those who seek fun indoor activities.

More info: jumpspace.lv

Riga Shooting Range

Man shooting at a shooting practice target at a shooting range in Riga, Latvia

A locally owned, fully licensed and well-equipped indoor shooting range in Riga is the perfect entertainment choice for stag dos, hen dos and birthdays or simply a great activity for anyone who’s after a unique experience and wishes to try shooting real firearms. Featuring an excellent gun selection, this indoor shooting range is 50 meters wide and is located 2.5 kilometres (1.5 miles) or approx. 10 minutes away from the Old Town of Riga. Those who want to learn how to shoot a gun in a proper and safe manner will be taken care of by experienced and helpful instructors, who will ensure that it’s a safe and enjoyable experience.

More info: rigashootingrange.com

Līvu Akvaparks

Outdoor pool and slides at a water park outdoor area in Jurmala, Latvia

Do you have a day off and you’re looking for ideas of what to do in Riga today? If you have at least a few free hours, this might be a great choice. While technically this place is not located in Riga, being just a half an hour’s drive away from the Old Town justifies the inclusion of Līvu Akvaparks on this list. Plus, it’s the biggest indoor water park (with an almost equally large outdoor section available during the summer) in Latvia, so those who are looking for fun things to do in Riga might be very interested in checking it out. The 3 floors of this water park include more than 20 different slides, more than 10 pools of various depths and sizes, various activity zones for children, a SPA complex with 4 saunas, a cold pool, a salt chamber, several hot tubs and air and underwater massage facilities, as well as food service and a bar on the water. If this sounds a bit too tame for you, don’t worry, as the start tower of the slides reaches the height of 7 stories, so you’re about to be in for a proper ride when going down one of them!

More info: akvaparks.lv

Laser tag

Men playing a laser tag game on an indoor field in Riga, Latvia

If you are visiting Riga with friends, one of our top 10 things to do in Riga is laser tag. Laser tag places in Riga is a great example of how some of Riga’s imperfections can be transformed to turn them into exciting places. As the country has gone through a lot of changes in the past few decades, there are quite a few disused factories and industrial spaces all around Riga, which are usually considered to be detrimental to the image of a city. And sure - if they lay abandoned for a long time, they certainly don’t look good both to locals and outsiders alike, however, these disused industrial settings are perfect for laser tag arenas and that’s exactly what several of these places have been turned into. Therefore, there are many excellent laser tag places to choose from – from small, compact places to huge industrial settings.

Take a look at some of them on TripAdvisor!


Men paying paintball on an outdoor field in Riga, Latvia

Paintball is another entertainment activity that Riga already has the perfect infrastructure for – the same industrial settings that we mentioned when writing about laser tag are also used for paintball, but the forested areas in the outskirts of the city are even better for it, allowing for the creation of large outdoor paintball parks. That’s why there’s no shortage of places where to play paintball in Riga, offering a large variety of settings and scenarios. And their locations are varied too – those who don’t want to go anywhere far can find some indoor or underground places in the very centre of the city, meanwhile, those who prefer outdoor activities have the option to choose one of the large paintball parks a bit further out of the centre. Therefore, paintball will be an option for both indoor and outdoor activities in Riga.

Check TripAdvisor for more information on paintball in Riga.


Men paying airsoft on an indoor field in Riga, Latvia

Want to try some outdoor activities in Riga? Airsoft will be a great choice, as it combines thrilling entertainment with lots of physical activity! On the surface, airsoft is similar to laser tag and paintball, however, the equipment used for it wildly differs from the other two activities. Airsoft guns use plastic pellets that won’t leave any marks, so the player who has been hit has to call themselves out – therefore, it’s best-suited for groups of close friends, so you know that your opponents aren’t cheating. Meanwhile, the airsoft guns look and operate a lot more like real guns when compared to paintball guns, so airsoft is the preferred choice of those who want the gameplay to be more realistic and closer to real-life military exercises.

Escape Room

Indoor escape room activities – a table with the game components in Riga, Latvia

Riga has been called the world’s escape room capital and not without a reason – it certainly seems to be the most popular entertainment activity in the city, as there are loads places where you can try it all over Riga. And somehow there are still a few new places that open up every year, so it seems like the people of Riga are actively trying to live up to this title. There is a wide variety of scenarios offered across these places – from more easy-going ones, where all you have to do is find a bunch of clues inside of a room, to more intense ones, that throw in some jump-scares or are even based on the plots of popular horror movies. Naturally, this oversaturation of the market can cause some confusion about which escape room to choose, so this TripAdvisor list of the best escape rooms in Riga might come in handy.

Forum Cinemas

Movie hall with people watching a movie in Riga, Latvia

You might think it’s weird that we have included a cinema on this list of things to do in Riga for people who like action, however, the first and most popular multi-screen cinema in Riga can provide some serious thrills! With modern digital projectors and sound systems installed across all auditoriums, the latest Hollywood blockbusters will seem even more immersive than they usually would. Meanwhile, the ultra-modern SCAPE auditorium is equipped with 4K laser projectors as well as a Dolby Atmos sound system that creates multi-dimensional sound – sounds perfect for enjoying high-octane action movies!

More info: forumcinemas.lv

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