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You will havethe full control

  • Speed on the track is up to 50 km/h

  • Powered by electricity

  • No exhaust gas

  • Noise of the engine - 0db

  • Ability to drift

Catch positive vibes

Drift Hall is the right place where to gain positive energy both after a stressful working day, or on the weekends, with your family and friends! Trikes offer everyone the possibility to try controlled drifting, without any previous experience or special preparation. All you need is a good mood and the desire to compete and chase the adrenaline rush!

Drift trikes are equipped with an electric engine, which is capable of reaching the maximum power of up to 1000 W, and the top speed of 50 km/h. A specially designed chassis allows to control the maneuverability even while drifting. The trikes are a 100% local product - they are being developed and manufactured in Liepāja, Latvia.

The drift track

A 3000 m2 indoor track, where up to 10 drivers can compete simultaneously! Trikes are suitable for children, adults and even seniors!

Riga track

Proudly made in Latvia

Ttrikes are the only rental drift trikes in the world! Designed and manufactured in Liepāja, Latvia, trikes are becoming increasingly popular all throughout Europe.

Up to 10 on the track

Garden barbecue

A room for relaxation and activities


Up to 50 km/h

Electrically powered

Challenge yourself & your friends

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Powered by electrical engines

Promoting a green lifestyle and responsibility about environment are priorities of our company, to protect the Earth we live on and where our children and grandchildren will live as well.

Not leaving an ecological footprint

Unlike karts with internal combustion engines, the electrical drift trikes don't create any exhaust gas and don't pollute the environment.

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